About Us

We are wholesale distributors and suppliers of merchandise to dollar stores, dollar plus stores, wholesalers, jobbers, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores and many other types of retailers and wholesalers. With over 1,000 wholesale dollar store items, we have helped our customers open and operate dollar stores throughout Canada, from Québec to British Columbia.

As dollar store wholesalers, we offer services to customers opening a dollar, dollar plus or discount store and we can provide you with our suggested items for your opening order. Put our knowledge of the industry and dollar store wholesale products to work for you. If you are an existing dollar store looking for ideas to expand your business, we are the dollar store wholesalers for you.


We are also a distributor of many brand name and national brand merchandise. These types of products are great wholesale dollar store items that will attract customers to any dollar or dollar plus store.

It is not always easy to find dollar store wholesalers that are reliable and consistent. You will find that Inspire Imports provides our customers with quality service and quality products. Our variety of dollar store wholesale products and our quality service team will benefit your business in a number of ways. Your customers will love your store and you will love your profits!